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4-Wheeling in Moab Utah

Moab Utah 4x4

Fins ‘N Things Jeep Trail

Moab Utah 4×4: The first Moab off-road enthusiasts were the first settlers in the area, as they struggled to navigate through this almost-impassable canyon country desert on horseback and in wagons during their day-to-day lives. Later came the miners during the uranium boom of the Cold War, with the benefit of WWII jeeps, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment.

Some of the Best Off-Road Trails in the World

Today, the trails in the Moab area are world-famous among wheeled trail enthusiasts, including 4×4 Wheeler, rock crawler, ATV, motor-bike, mountain bike adventurers more. The variety of terrain far exceeds any other area. Most of the trails are remote, and many are intensely demanding both physically and mechanically; these trails offer Adventure in its purest form.

Are you looking for novice trails? We have plenty.

Are you looking for an ultra-extreme challenge? We have those too. Lots of them.

Speed is the enemy. What you want to do is maintain slow, steady momentum. – Dan Mick, aka Moab’s “Mister Jeep”

No matter what the trail rating, however, you can be certain that the view at the end will be among the most spectacular on earth. Well-worth the price in blood, sweat, and gears you may expend to get there.

Plenty of Off-Road Resources in Moab

Whether you have your own wheels or need a guided tour or both, Moab has plenty of shops, mechanics, and guide services who can provide everything you need to make your off-road adventure dreams come true.

Easter Jeep Safari

The desert is open all year, but the most popular event is the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Held annually during the week before Easter, this event consists of group-rides with a knowledgeable local, in the most family-friendly event of its kind in the United States. Easter Jeep Safari is sponsored by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc., of Moab.